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Search engine marketing (SEM) campaigns need a clear strategy, scientific approach, and techniques, such as testing multiple versions of ad copies, expanding keywords list and strategies, optimizing the spends with smart targeting, improving the landing pages to ensure higher conversion rates, there is more to SEM than picking the right keywords.

We are a team of SEM experts who are transparent, progressive, and experienced in managing multiple SEM campaigns with small to large budgets.

Our SEM experts at infiniX work tirelessly to analyze campaign data and benchmark results to fast track businesses growth in SEM campaigns that would help maximize sales for our clients. Being one of the top SEM agencies of our country, we have come across a long way in serving our diverse client base with several needs.


Your business needs a foolproof SEM strategy and formulation to add to your company’s goals. SEM can be greatly helpful when you want to boost the sales of your company in a short span of time.

The beauty of running all the SEM campaigns lies in the fact that all the campaigns are absolutely measurable in real-time. That means that you can use your previous campaign results to further optimize your current campaign in order to yield maximum desirable results.

Most businesses fail to understand the importance of a well structured SEM campaign thus losing in much of their coveted position in the market. Did you know that your search engine marketing is not just limited to the search engine results page, but also appears in google partner sites.

There are various types of campaigns you can run via search engine marketing such as search ads, display ads, shopping ads, video ads. Using all of them in a diligent combination helps your company to cash in on the extra exposure built. Therefore we are a premiere SEM company providing the assurance of taking all the responsibility of your company’s SEM efforts and delivering great value at an affordable cost.

Google Ads Audit

Find out how well your existing campaigns are performing and where the opportunities for growth and improvement lie. Use this as an opportunity to get a one-off project from our expert team. Good PPC managers know that ROI is everything. The more high value conversions you can get at the lowest possible cost, the better.
But how do you improve your ROI? Through carefully crafted campaigns that are managed efficiently and evaluated continually. We work with a wide range of high value PPC accounts. The majority of these came to us as a result of the businesses seeking a better return on their investment.
We specialize in reviewing high value accounts, identifying the wasted spend and implementing improvements and new strategies to make more of every budget.

Google Display Ads

your business to a targeted audience through Google’s contextual advertising network, the Google Display Network and YouTube. Google Display Network (GDN) allows you to display ads on various interconnected and credible platforms that have enabled the function. This minimizes your CPCs (Cost per Clicks) and gives your exposure to a viable and interested audience by thoughtful and precise selection of websites on display. As the display network allows you to post ads in various formats, our team helps you design unique and innovative advertisements in interactive styles like text, banners, audio and video. It is easy to have an over inflated budget with the extensive access, so we help you optimize your budget and flourish in your existing budget, no matter how small or big. We pick the best sites for your ads, constantly monitor them and place clever bids.

Google Remarketing Ads

Make more of your existing website traffic by displaying adverts to people who have previously visited your site whenever they visit sites on the Google Display Network and YouTube. Re-marketing is perhaps the most resource friendly PPC marketing strategy with its low cost and an established consumer base to generate immense potential for growth. We work with a wide variety of industries, B2B, and B2C and with the aid of GDN can accomplish sophisticated segmenting of the target audience to draw your top customers using the re-marketing strategy. RLSAs (Re-marketing Lists for Search Ads) lets you successfully curate your Google Search drives. You can target the customers who have not yet converted, and can offer exclusive deals to long term customers. We can thus reallocate your budget most effectively to ensure higher conversions and ROI.

Google Ads Management

Specialists in creating high performing campaigns across Search Shopping, Display, and Video, our team uses a combination of technology and creativity to gain increased visibility and more sales at a profitable CPA. Google Ads is the optimum choice for businesses with a larger target audience since Google is the top global search engine. It has different paid means like search, shopping and display campaigns to help you feature at the top of the search results or in Google’s display networks. Google Ads always helps you achieve your goals, whether they are expansion of visibility, creating brand awareness or increasing online sales. We have a team of SEM (Search Engine Marketing) experts who explore your business and find the most potent strategies to propel you towards your goals. We trust that a regularly expanding and adapting Google Ads accounts can get you the most fruitful and cost effective results.

Our Approach

Digital Marketing Can Do !!

Digital Marketing is the art of Building Trust, Educating a potential customer, Understanding
another person who might be interested in your product/service.

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We create SEO campaigns that drive organic search traffic through the creation of high quality content and off-page strategies that boost your site’s visibility in the search results.

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Our social media marketing services includes strategic consultancy and implementation, across Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and more.

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We’ve worked with businesses across sectors and of all sizes and can advise you on the activities and tasks you need to undertake to help you reach your goals.

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As a Google Partnered agency, we’re accredited for the management of paid campaigns through Google AdWords, placing ads in the search results and across the display network.


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